In line with our desire to forge solid, long-lasting business relationships, KMW aims to increase its customers’ productivity by leveraging the features and benefits of thin-film sensing elements employing the strain-gauge principle. Based on our up-to-date production facilities and arrays of advanced R&D equipment, KMW is a highly capable, highly competitive partner for the simultaneous development of sensors for advanced data acquisition in control monitoring and diagnostics across a wide range of applications.



Within the Wiedemann Group, KMW (Kaufbeurer Mikrosysteme Wiedemann GmbH) is responsible for the research, development, manufacture and marketing of individual sensors employing advanced thin-film technology. Based on their inherent accuracy, stability and reliability KMW sensors offer the benefits of excellent long-term high performance, economic production and optimised adaptability to data acquisition in broad spectrum of applications in a wide range of industries. 


Future challenges

As digitalization and system integration progress rapidly in all sectors, KMW’s technicians are addressing the new demands on sensor performance and economics as part of an holistic approach to the efficiency of complete power systems. As the requirement for reliable data increases as digitalization and “cloud” connectivity expand, KMW aims to help industry achieve this next phase of data acquisition as the enabler of condition-based maintenance and remote control and automation. Among the first applications addressed by KMW is the application of thin-film sensors in the control systems of large diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, including high, medium and low speed types in ships, power and CHP plants, locomotives and compressor sets.