• In-house thin-film technology
  • Connections by means of bonding or direct soldering of flexible wires
  • Highly robust
  • Customized solutions

Typically, the OPTI and OEM stainless steel sensing elements are welded onto stainless steel pressure adaptors. The OPTI sensing element is connected to the adaptor via bonding and can also be delivered pre-welded onto an adaptor. For its electrical connections, the OEM sensing element uses robust colorcoded leads. In the standard program, sensors are mounted on G1/4” adapter parts. Application-specific versions are also available, featuring a range of pressure connections. Both sensing elements cover a temperature range of -40…+200°C / -40…+392°F. Produced in compliance with standards DIN EN 60770-1 and DIN EN 60068-2-80, they are highly robust. The cells are ideally suited for usage in hydraulic and test systems.