Within the Wiedemann Group, KMW (Kaufbeurer Mikrosysteme Wiedemann GmbH) is responsible for the research, development, manufacture and marketing of individual sensors employing advanced thin-film technology. Almost 25 % of a total of 53 KMW’s highly qualified employees are engaged in the design, development and integration of KMW products. Moreover, there is a strong emphasis production processes as the basis of the excellent quality and competitiveness  of our products.

As a medium-sized and internationally active company, we are a leading supplier of electronic products, systems and solutions for mobile machines. We specialize in the automation and digitalization of machines and their work processes. Our compatible STW modular system guarantees user-friendly solutions for the markets and applications of the future. As a partner, we support our customers in the development and integration of their innovative projects.


As an internationally active, medium-sized company based in the Allgäu region of Germany, we are a leading provider of sensors based on advanced thin-film technology. Based on their accuracy, stability, reliability, economic viability and flexibility of application, KMW sensors collect data in the control units and safety systems of many industrial applications. As digitalization and system integration are advancing at an increasingly rapid rate, demands on the performance and economic viability of KMW sensors are also increasing. KMW has made its objective to support customers in mastering the challenges presented by digitalization.



The members of the KMW management team embody the full spectrum of expertise and experience required to ensure optimum response to, and service of, the global market for sensing elements and sensors employing thin film technology.

As well as all the product-specific knowledge that ensures KMW technology is developed to meet and exceed the global state-of-the-art for sensing elements and sensors, the team also encompasses considerable expertise in the application engineering of sensors and sensing elements in all the markets sectors served by KMW.