The thin film sensing elements designed, developed and produced by KMW are – quite literally – the heart of KMW’s success – and the success of the sensors sold by our sister company STW and the customers for whom we provide development, integration, and manufacturing services. Production takes place in clean room conditions using plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and sputtering to apply, in sequence, passivation (PECVD), functional (sputtering) and insulating (PECVD) layers onto a metal diaphragm/substrate. These processes are rapid and reliable, producing, high quality sensing elements in large, economic batches. They produce sensing elements that are robust, extremely accurate and with effective lives counted in millions of cycles. From this starting point, sensing elements can be custom-packaged using laser or resistance welding to attach pressure connections and housings to the diaphragm, and wire and chip bonding or soldering to produce dependable electrical connections. 

These products are sold via our sister-company STW. For further information, please contact us.