The F02 – a reliable pressure sensor for agricultural technology

Due to the increasing level of automation and electrification of machines, digitalization is the key to the fulfilment of the various requirements expressed by these interested parties. Generic solutions allow various different types of access, communication and ultimately even new business models.

As a specialist in all three fields – digitalization, automation and electrification – and with many years of experience in the provision and realization of electrical and electronic (E/E) solutions for mobile machines, STW is bringing a new software suite for field-proven on-board connectivity and data management modules TC3G and TC1 on to the market. The requirements of various interest groups are covered here with “machines.access”, “machines.insight” and “”.

“machine.access” is tailored to the needs of the developer. Adapted to the on-board modules, the developer is enabled transparent access to the on-board telematics modules and downstream control units and displays via VPN. A mirroring of display contents is also possible via VNC.The in-house IT network is effectively extended to the machine. The typical medium for data transmission is mobile telecommunications or WiFi.

machines.insight permits the parametrization and configuration of the on-board telematics modules. At the same time, log files can also be read out, updates installed and in particular dashboards for data visualization can be conveniently set up and used. Access to the machine occurs mainly via WiFi and is primarily used by service personnel.

With the IoT platform “”, STW ultimately provides a generic platform which enables open interfaces and therefore communication with any ERP or logistics systems. Whereas on the one hand diverse functions support the user and device management, on the other hand, data can be made available to other systems via REST-API. One example of this is the new DKE data hub. This enables implement and tractor manufacturers to use or support the services of this new, manufacturer-independent platform. As a result, the world of Farming 4.0 is not only opened up to large OEMs, but also to medium-sized companies. Costs for integration can be reduced to a minimum thanks to this STW solution. The tried and tested on-board modules from the TCG series are used. The modules exchange the datagrams with the DKE data hub according to the latest safety standards.

STW is demonstrating their software suite at Stand F49 in Hall 15. A completely digitalized, automated and electrified machine by STW serves as a supplier for live data and access via “machines.access”, “machines.insight” and “”.