Electronic pressure measurement with a building block system

Huge range of variants needed for pressure measurement

The diversity in pressure measurement devices is derived from several variables including the required pressure range, the medium connection, the electrical connection and the boundary conditions including supply voltage, accuracy, environmental requirements and more.

A standardisation that would lead to a reduction in this diversity is hardly feasible and not foreseeable in the near future. At the same time, the use of different model ranges from different suppliers would mean additional investment in the evaluation, selection, qualification of transmitters and an increased burden with supplier management, logistics and administration.

The solution: A building block approach for pressure transmitters

STW follows a philosophy of a “universal transmitter with configurable characteristics”: The M01 transmitter series satisfies the need for diversity and flexibility through modularisation and standardisation of the interfaces between the modules. This provides the maximum number of permutations while maintaining a cost effective production for high and low volumes.

When selecting sensors, the customer tests the M01 just once for suitability, then defines further variants as needed, and can rely on having the same characteristics across the transmitter range. In defining these variants the customer can choose from an exceptionally high number of building blocks, with pressure ranges from 1 to 2000 bar, 20 different process connections, 9 electrical output types, 10 electrical connectors and safety options. This unique offering differentiates the M01 from all other transmitter ranges on the market.

Combining the available building blocks yields 1.5 million possible transmitters with the same core characteristics. New building blocks, for example new fieldbus systems, are continuously being added to the assortment, and for the case that the range isn’t sufficient to meet a particular need, the customer can have their own components developed, for example a new connector or customised data protocol, and integrated in the system.

The universal characteristics of the M01 transmitter meet the same requirements without compromise: An operating temperature range of -40°C...125°C, a high medium compatibility, extreme robustness and a small size are the basis of the building block system. Possible fields of application include automotive and transportation, food and process technology and aerospace.


Customers who need electronic pressure transducers for spare parts supply or product development especially value the flexibility and quality of STW products, as do customers with irregular and low quantity demands. Customers across a range of industries already exploit the key advantages of the M01 building block system: Flexibility, low cost and fast production of high value pressure transmitters for low, medium and OEM quantities.