STW exhibited at the SENSOR+TEST 2015

STW has developed a series of products to meet the complex requirements of the new machinery directive 2006/42/EG. These products feature characteristics required for the fulfilment of the functional safety requirements of the EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508 standards. They are targeted for use in systems that require Performance Level PLd or Safety Level SIL2.

All products are design to meet the performance and environmental requirements of industrial vehicles and mobile machines. They are naturally also suited to stationary industrial applications.

The safety pressure transmitter F02 (PLd, Cat. 2) incorporates two inverted output signals which enables the control system to supervise the communication path. By incorporating an STW produced thin film pressure measurement cell very broad media compatibility and a high burst pressure are ensured.

The sensor signal can be read by a safety controller such as the ESX®-3XM or ESX®-3XL. These freely programmable 32 bit controllers have the necessary safety functionality according to SIL2, and so an integrated safety concept can be realized, which at the moment is exactly what mobile applications need.